About Us

In the early 1980’s, my mother had a burger shop. One part was the burger shop and one part was open area. The open area was soon filled with the arcade games such as Pac-Man machines, and it became a local arcade room. When the newer games came out and the arcade scene died, my youngest brother decided that college wasn’t his forte.

We changed from an arcade to a western wear store in that open room. The open area was about 1,000 square feet and we then filled it with Western jeans, shirts, hats, etc. It did really well and my youngest brother talked my mother into moving it to San Angelo.

In 1985, the store moved to a 3,000 square foot store front off of Sherwood Way which is now Linda’s Pawn Shop. About 4 years later, we moved to a 7,500 square foot shop where we call home today at 4230 Sherwood Way. We have been here in San Angelo for over 30 years thanks to all of our loyal customers like you.